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SammyBags Machine Washable Paper Bread Bags collection, four colours available: black, olive green, chocolate brown and natural.
SammyBags Machine Washable Paper Bread Bag in Natural colour.
SammyBags Machine Washable Paper Bread Bag in chocolate brown colour.
SammyBags Machine Washable Paper Bread Bag in olive green colour.
SammyBags Machine Washable Paper Bread Bagin black colour.

Bread Bag - Washable Paper


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A fully washable and reusable bread bag!

Meet the bag that’s fitting for your loaf. Reusable, washable and totally beautiful. Choose from four colours: natural kraft, chocolate brown, olive green or black. Pop one in with your grocery bags and you're always prepared for package-free, mouth-wateringly fresh bread!


155 mm wide x 80 mm deep x 345 mm high

Don’t limit yourself to just bread … you could fit all sorts in this bag!

How do I clean my SammyBag?

- Shake it out and brush off any crumbs -or-
- Wipe off any marks with a damp cloth -or-
- Rinse in the sink under running water -or, if it needs a really deep clean, you can-
- Pop it into the washing machine with your tea towels

You can put your Sammy Bag into your washing machine on any cycle (even in a front loader at 95°C!) and it will come out looking like new. We recommend using a fragrance-free environmentally friendly laundry detergent. We also recommend washing on a low temperature at a setting that uses the least amount of energy.

We would NOT recommend the use of pegs on SammyBags because they can mark and stretch the material in its damp form. Prop it open and allow it to air dry upside down.

Mental Health Support:

For every bag you purchase, SammyBags donates $1 to community mental health.

The SammyBags range:

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Handmade in Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand by David & Sam.