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Health & Safety

We have a safety plan in place which lays out the steps we take to ensure that the health and safety of our team, customers, suppliers, courier drivers and wider community is never at risk.

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

Designed to reduce the risk of transmission if Covid-19 is present in the community.

Hygiene & Etiquette:
Hand washing is required before any work commences, after any breaks and after any deliveries are received. Frequency will be increased as work volume increases. We will avoid touching our faces and will wash our hands afterwards if we do. Similarly, we will cough/sneeze into our elbows, away from work surfaces and will disinfect all surfaces if we are caught by surprise or if we are in any doubt. Absolutely no licking of stamps or envelopes, damp sponges will be provided instead. Similarly, tape is to be cut with scissors and not with teeth. (These are not things that we do but we feel that it is important to point them out to put minds at ease and to get people thinking about their habits and additional ways to break the chains of transmission.)
Disinfecting Surfaces:
All touch surfaces (table tops, door knobs, light switches, etc.) will be regularly disinfected. This process will be repeated every morning before work commences and we will review this frequency as work volume increases. In the case of any symptoms or potential exposure to Covid-19 all touch surfaces will be immediately disinfected and disinfected again once operations have been cleared to resume.
Regular checking for symptoms:
If one of our team members develops Covid-19 like symptoms we will cease operations, self-isolate and get tested. Team members will be supported, and operations will only resume once we have all been cleared. Similarly, If there is exposure or suspected exposure to Covid-19 we will immediately cease operations and self-isolate, contact Healthline (0800 358 5453 / +64 9 358 5453) gather contacts for tracing and arrange to be tested. Again, we will return to operations only once cleared.
Physical Distancing:
If required, we will ensure that physical distancing / contactless measures are observed when assisting customers, courier drivers or any other authorised visitors to our work place.
Record Keeping:
If required, we will record all contacts that we have interacted with both during our normal course of business and outside of business too. Names, phone numbers and email address will be retained to ensure that contact tracing can be conducted easily if required.

Things we can all do to help stop Covid-19 in its tracks:

Hand Washing:
Wash often. Use soap. 20 seconds. Then dry. This kills the virus by bursting its protective bubble.
Cough or sneeze into elbow:
Keeps the virus off hands, so there is less chance of it spreading to other people.
Mask Wearing:
If you're out in public or places where social distancing is difficult (on public transport for example) we recommend wearing a reusable mask (or a disposable mask if a reusable one is not available. Remember that disposable masks can be reused provided that you ensure that they are washed thoroughly with warm soapy water and dried fully before wearing again).
Staying Home:
Staying home when we feel unwell is the best thing we can all do to stop the spread of Covid-19.
Looking after others:
Kindness is an incredibly powerful way to show we are united against Covid19.
Physical distancing:
Sometimes known as “social distancing”, is about keeping a safe distance from others when the risk of transmission is high. This is about physical distance. For your own mental health you can, and should, keep in touch with friends and family via the phone, or online. 
Clean surfaces:
Be extra vigilant with cleaning. We stock a range of cleaning products that can assist with this.

For more tips and advice on ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and take good care of your physical and mental wellbeing, check out the official Covid-19 Mental Wellbeing website by Te Kāwanatanga o Aotearoa the New Zealand Government. 

We're all in this together so if you have any questions or think that there is something that we may have missed, please don't hesitate to get in touch either via email (hello@earthlove.co.nz) or via phone (021 172 2263).

Kia kaha (stay strong), be kind, take good care of each other, support local businesses, and together we'll get through this and come out the other side with a stronger community and a stronger, more resilient local economy that is kinder to our planet.

Lots of love,

Kim & Eoin
Team Earthlove