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The Earthlove Story

Kim standing on Godley Head, Aotearoa, looking out over the South Pacific Ocean.
Eoin standing in the water at Lake Hāwea, Aotearoa.

Kia ora, Dia duit, Hello!

We are Kim and Eoin, a husband-and-wife team who are originally from Éire / Ireland but have loved living in Ōtautahi / Christchurch, Aotearoa / New Zealand for more than a decade. We are passionate about our environment and about reducing the impact that we have on this gorgeous planet of ours.

Earthlove grew out of our own waste journey as we made changes to reduce our environmental footprint and to live more sustainably. We found that it involved a lot of hard work, specifically a lot of leg work going from place to place to source sustainable products. We discovered so many fabulous local products that we absolutely loved but were often tricky to find. We founded Earthlove to bring all these wonderful products together in a one-stop eco-shop, to promote the makers and to share what we had learned with others.

Initially we were determined to only stock locally made, artisan products from the Waitaha / Canterbury region. We quickly realised that our range would only include a handful of products so we expanded to include all of Aotearoa. Our first crisis of conscience came when we realised that many reusable products (those made from stainless steel) are not made here in Aotearoa so we do stock a select number of products that are made overseas but these are all sourced through local New Zealand companies.

Kim and Eoin at the Earthlove stall at the Go Green Expo in 2018.
Earthlove eco friendly shop display Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Over the years the range of sustainable products coming out of Waitaha has grown exponentially which has been incredible to witness. As a result we are constantly revising our range to ensure that we stock only the best products that are made as locally as possible. Our range now heavily features Waitaha made products and in a happy coincidence we discovered that the majority of our products come from female owned and operated businesses.

We currently stock products from over 70 small local businesses. By supporting us you are not only supporting local, you are supporting multiple small businesses and most importantly, supporting our environment.

Together we can change the world.

Aroha nui,

Kim & Eoin