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Refill Your Jars & Bottles

We stock a number of products by local New Zealand producers that are entirely waste free, you can bring your own container and fill-up as much or as little as you need. We weigh the container before we fill so you only ever pay for what you receive on the day. If you forget your own container, that's not a problem, we have bottles and jars available for sale and some pre-loved containers that are free to a good home.

Refill in May and save 20%

We're getting a head start on World Refill Day (Sunday 16th June) here at Earthlove by giving you 20% off our entire liquid refill range, all May long!

The 20% off offer applies to in-store purchases of the following products:
    • Ecostore:
      • Dish Liquid:
        • Lemon
        • Ultra Sensitive
      • Hand Wash - Lemongrass
      • Fabric Softener - Citrus
      • Laundry Liquid:
        • Eucalyptus
        • Geranium & Orange sold out
        • Wool & Delicates - Eucalyptus
    • Littlefoot:
      • Shampoo:
        • Vanilla & Coconut
        • Lavender & Geranium
      • Conditioner:
        • Vanilla & Coconut
        • Lavender & Geranium
      • Body Wash:
        • Vanilla & Coconut
        • Lemon & Lime sold out
        • Lavender
      • Bubble Bath - Baby
      • Hand Sanitiser
      • Laundry Liquid:
        • Baby
        • Wool & Delicate - 1 x 500ml bottle left
        • Everyday - Lavender sold out
        • Everyday - Lemon & Lemongrass
      • Dog Shampoo
      • Floor Cleaner
      • Rinse Aid - running very low
      • Spray & Wipe sold out
      • Window Cleaner
      • Toilet Cleaner
      • Bathroom Cleaner

That's 27 opportunities to refill and save, so check your cupboards, make a list, dig those containers out of the recycling and we'll see you soon - don't forget - only while stocks last!

ecostore bulk refill 20 litre jerrycan full of dish washing liquid and dish brushes.Black ecostore logo on a white background.Basket of refilled bulk cleaning products containing reused passata bottles full of laundry liquid and dish washing liquidLittlefoot Natural Eco Refillable Cleaning Products LogoRefillable amber glass bottle with aluminium lid and Littlefoot natural handwash label on the front.Shelves of Littlefoot refillable eco friendly cleaning products making up a refill station with one 10 litre rinse aid refill container sitting out in the foreground, natural and sustainable zero waste products.Refillable natural skincare products that are made in New Zealand and are waste free. Image shows a close up of a person wearing a grey and white striped apron and dispensing McGinns Madefresh creamy facial cleanser from a glass bottle into a reusable glass jar.Mcginns Madefresh natural refillable skincare logo, black on white background.Mcginns Madefresh natural refillable skincare display, menu and dispensing bottles with refill jars.Solid Oral Care natural toothpaste logo, black writing with green smile.