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A trio of Little Mango natural and vegan deodorants surrounded by flowers and cut lemons.
Little Mango Boho Babe Rose Geranium natural deodorant.
Little Mango Fearless Vanilla and Frankincense vegan deodorant.
Little Mango Sensitive Soul Light Vanilla natural deodorant.
Little Mango Wanderer Citrus and Cedarwood natural deodorant.
A trio of Little Mango natural deodorants in glass jars with their lids off.

Deodorant by Little Mango

Little Mango

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A vegan, aluminium-free deodorant, with nourishing butters, oils and a hint of luscious essential oils.

Made with love right here in New Zealand, this vegan deodorant range is completely natural and suitable for all skin types. There are no harsh chemicals, synthetic fillers or mineral oils and absolutely no aluminium, allowing your body to sweat naturally. The active ingredient, sodium bicarbonate, targets the bacteria under your arms that causes body odour, while gently protecting and nourishing your skin.

Available in 4 scents:
  • Fearless - Vanilla & Frankincense: sweet, fresh and subtly scented with a light scent of natural vanilla. Perfect as a unisex deodorant.
  • Boho Babe - Rose Geranium: the most popular scent in the range, fragranced with a soft rose geranium essential oil.
  • Wanderer - Citrus & Cedarwood: beautifully blended with grapefruit and cedarwood essential oils for a bright and uplifting fragrance with a woody finish.
  • Sensitive Soul - Light Vanilla: Baking soda free, specifically for sensitive skin. Use by itself or as extra sensitive protection beneath a layer of full strength deodorant.

How to apply:
Rub a small pea-sized amount under your arms for all-day protection. One application should last the day, even through a workout.

How long will it last?
One application should last the day. So a 60g jar should last 3 - 6 months. It really just depends on how much you use. Some people can make a jar last more than a year! 

Some people are sensitive to baking soda. If this happens or you notice any irritation, there are a few things to try. Start by discontinuing use and reading our 'help guide'.

This deodorant is made from the most natural and simple ingredients:

  • Full-strength Natural Deodorant: Tapioca starch, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, baking soda, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, essential oils.
  • Sensitive Natural Deodorant: Tapioca starch, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, magnesium, kaolin, bamboo extract, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, vanilla essential oil.

Keep your jar in a cool, dry place. If it does melt, give it a stir to mix the ingredients together again, put it in the fridge to set, then store in a cool place. If the mixture hardens in winter, warm slightly by rubbing between your fingers before applying.

These deodorants come in a travel friendly 60g reusable glass jar.