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Stainless steel tea infuser seen here containing tea leaves and being placed into a cup. Fingers can be seen holding the handy tab on the side to lower the infuser into the white cup on a white background. Made by Bento Ninja.

Tea Infuser

Bento Ninja

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Say goodbye to plastic teabags with this stylish stainless steel tea infuser.

The perfect utensil for brewing loose tea leaves, herbs, flower teas or fruit infusions. Simply pop the infuser into your tea cup or mug, add your favourite loose leaf tea leaves, and pour over freshly boiled hot water.

The more space that tea leaves have to infuse, the better. This tea infuser maximises the space available in your cup to infuse the perfect cup of tea.

It might not look like it, but traditional tea bags contain plastic which is not good for your health (or our planet). When you pour boiling water onto the plastic, steep it and then drink the tea, it likely contains harmful components that have leeched out of the heated plastic. Over time this could harm your health. Not only that but the tea itself is often lower quality as tea bags contain low-quality tea dust and broken tea leaves.

There is no risk to your heath with this stylish stainless steel tea infuser which has plenty of room for whole tea leaves from your favourite tea merchant to infuse. Once you've brewed your own delicious cup of loose-leaf tea, you'll never go back to soggy teabags again!

Why stainless steel? Food grade stainless steel is a quality metal that is durable and long lasting. There is no taste from it like there can be when using some plastic and silicone tea infusers.


Fits most mug and cup sizes. Feel free to bring your favourite cup into one of our stores to try it out for size.


Food grade stainless steel 304.

Customer Reviews

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Bento Ninja tea infuser

I bought this to use in my teapot and it is great - no more tea leaves in my teacup!