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Quitting plastic book cover by Clara Williams Roldan with Louise Williams, the oat coloured cover has an illustration of a string market bag filled with fruit, vegetables, flowers and zero-waste reusable cutlery, travel cup and reads "Easy and practical ways to cut down the plastic in your life".

Quitting Plastic

Clara Williams Roldan

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Easy and practical ways to cut down the plastic in your life

A pre-loved copy of the book written by Clara Williams Roldan with Louise Williams.

A great guide to the many things you can do to reduce your plastic footprint.' - Craig Reucassel, ABC TV's War on Waste

Where do you start if you want to reduce the plastic in your life? Especially when most of us are wearing it, eating and drinking from it, sitting on it, walking on it, and probably even ingesting it. Anywhere you go, plastic is within easy reach - even in Antarctica and the North Pole.

We didn't quit plastic overnight. In fact, it's still a work in progress. But along the way, we have learnt a lot by researching the issue from the grass roots up, speaking to people, and finding out what works and what doesn't. We answer the tricky questions, like 'How will I wash my hair?', 'Do I have to give up crackers?', 'What about my bin liner?' and 'Is this going to be expensive?'

As we continue to remove throw-away plastics from our daily lives, we've discovered we're friendlier with our local communities, we're eating healthier food, and de-cluttering happens by itself. It feels great!

'The simple, practical tips in this inspiring guide will help you reduce plastic in your daily life and help the planet too - every little bit counts!' - Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Plastic Free July Foundation

  • ISBN: 9781760528713
  • Publisher: Allen & Unwin
  • Pub Date: 04 Feb 2019
  • Pages: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Condition: Fair to good second-hand condition
Table of Contents:
  1. Breaking up with Plastic
  2. Good Plastic, Bad Plastic
  3. Old habits die hard
  4. Getting started
  5. The Kitchen
  6. The Laundry and Cleaning
  7. The Bathroom
  8. Your Wardrobe
  9. Plastic-free Kids
  10. Entertaining and Eating (and Drinking) Out
  11. The end of single-use plastic?
  12. What more can I do?
  13. Acknowledgements
  14. Notes

Author bio:

CLARA WILLIAMS ROLDAN is a young policy and legislative advisor in NSW Parliament. Witnessing parliament at work has convinced Clara that lots of individual actions which may seem small at the time can drive important changes in our lives. Clara is writing with her mother, LOUISE WILLIAMS, a Walkley-award winning journalist and writer with a lifelong interest in environmental protection. Louise has served on the Waste and Recovery Strategic Reference Group of the Northern Beaches Council in Sydney and is co-founder of the Baringa Bush Community Garden. She is the author of A True Story of the Great Escape.

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