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Second Hand Stores - Christchurch Map

What you've always wanted - a map of all the second-hand shops in Christchurch in one handy location! Best of all, you can add it to Google Maps so that you can navigate between shops on your phone at any time. Ideal for thrift shop day tours with friends!

Map of all the second-hand shops in Christchurch New Zealand created by Remix Plastic. Image shows Google maps image of Christchurch with lots of blue pins indicating the location of all the opshops.

Anthea from Remix Plastic created this map after returning to Christchurch to discover all her beloved second-hand stores had either closed or shifted after the earthquakes.

Click on the image above or use this link to navigate to the Remix Plastic website where you can view the map: Christchurch Second-Hand Shops Map.

The map includes all the second-hand clothing stores that you would expect but also second-hand bicycle shops, pawn shops, auction shops, record and vinyl stores, book shops, antique / vintage stores and furniture too! When you load the map, you can toggle the various categories on and off to narrow down the type of store that you're looking for.

Be sure to join the accompanying Facebook group: Second-Hand Christchurch to share your finds and join the community of passionate thrifters who are always happy to help, share local knowledge and will keep an eye out for second-hand treasures for you!

Let us know about your favourite second-hand finds in the comments below, we'd love to hear about them! Some of our favourite finds have been the perfect pair of (insert well-known brand) jeans and brand-new fitness wear from top brands, all at a fraction of the cost of buying new. All of our clothing (except underwear) is sourced second-hand and if we are buying anything new, no matter what it is, we will always endeavour to find it second-hand first. Our latest find was a bicycle trailer, again at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

The map is updated regularly so it's always current. If you have any information on new leads, closed shops, more details on the listed ones or would like to suggest an edit, please do so via the contact details on the Remix Plastic website.

Top tip:
To access your saved maps in Google Maps on an android device - click on your profile photo on the top right of the Google Maps app screen, then click on saved - and scroll to maps at the bottom of the screen. This will open a list of all the maps you have saved and will include the Christchurch Second Hand Stores map (if you've saved it!).

The map was originally published by EcoOikos in 2019 and is now hosted and regularly updated by Anthea on the Remix Plastic website. A huge thank you to Anthea for all her work on this map, making second-hand shopping easier for us all and making the World a better place too!

If you would like to support the work that Anthea does, you can make a donation via the Remix Plastic website or buy a pair of her gorgeous earrings (made from recycled materials) or reusable name badges here on our website via the link below or from Anthea's website - Remix Plastic.

The Remix Plastic range at Earthlove.

Happy thrifting!

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