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Organic Sea Sponge
Organic Sea Sponge
Organic Sea Sponge

Organic Sea Sponge

Sustainable Sponges

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Sustainable luxury from the emerald waters of Pohnpei.

These natural sea sponges are grown on organic farms in the crystal clear lagoons of Pohnpei, Micronesia. Each sponge is cultivated in ecologically-sound conditions under the direction of the Marine and Research Institute of Pohnpei (MERIP), and harvested by hand. This farming provides a sustainable income for the local community.

Unlike other natural sponge processing procedures, that use harsh chemicals, sponges processed at MERIP are cleaned using only a household washing machine and detergent, making these sponges a truly green product.

Available in the following:
  • Face - A smaller, finer sponge (Spongia matamata) - finely pored and lathers beautifully with liquid or bar soap. Ideal for washing your face and pampering delicate skin, these natural sea sponges are remarkably soft yet durable. Use for cleansing and exfoliating your face or applying cosmetics (the sponges can be cut to the shape you desire). With care, your sponge will last many months, providing a sustainable replacement for disposable facial cleaning products.
  • Body - Micronesian Wool sponge (Cosinoderma matthewsi) - as soft as lamb's wool when wet and lathers beautifully with either liquid or bar soap. Gentle enough for infants, this sponge will leave your skin silky smooth. The unique structure of the sponge will create a rich lather, while not retaining any odour, making it an essential accessory for the shower or bath. Your sponge will last for years with good care.
  • Cleaning - Sea sponges have superior water absorption and natural antibacterial properties that make them ideal for general household cleaning sponges. Slightly smaller and more irregularly shaped than our bath sponges, these sponges are very durable.
  • Face: 6-7cm
  • Body: 10-12cm
  • Cleaning: one size.

For best use, dampen the sponge and rub in a circular pattern.

To apply liquid foundation simply wet a facial sponge with water, squeeze out excess water, and use to apply foundation.

To remove makeup simply wet a facial sponge, add a little cleanser if desired, and wipe gently. Facial sponges can be cut if desired to get a flat surface.

Rinse in fresh water after each use, squeeze out the excess moisture and leave to air dry. Periodic cleaning by soaking in 2 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda for 1 hour will enhance the life of your sponge.

We wrap your sponge in tissue paper but other than that these sponges are completely package free.

Fairtrade & Sustainable:
These natural broodstock sea sponges are farmed sustainably using organic methods. Cuttings from wild sponges were cultivated and are now grown on lines submerged in the lagoon of Pohnpei, a remote Pacific Island. These take over one year to grow and the farmers tend their crops from canoes, using only a mask and snorkel.

Pohnpei is the only place in the world where sponges are commercially farmed. Initial stocks were limited due to the time required to cultivate these sponges, but larger crops and ongoing orders will provide the people of Pohnpei with sustainable income and employment.

MERIP, a non-profit organisation, offers training in self-sustainability projects to the indigenous people of Pohnpei, many who still live a primarily subsistence lifestyle. MERIP enables coastal villagers to generate sustainable, ecological and environmentally-sound income from their adjacent coastal reefs. MERIP empowers the community to improve their lives in a region where almost no other employment exists.