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Stainless steel soap tray or dish by Bento Ninja.

Soap Tray - Stainless Steel

Bento Ninja

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This stylish soap dish is designed to help keep eco-friendly & natural soaps or solid shampoos dry and mess free.

We've all been there, our favourite soap or solid shampoo turns to mush in our hands because we've inadvertently left it sitting in a pool of water. You won't have that problem with one of these beauties.

  • Hygienic
  • Drip dry well
  • Double tray system
  • Longer lasting soap and solid hair care bars.

This stainless-steel soap tray / dish has been designed to help soaps and solid shampoos and conditioners last longer by draining water away from the bar and storing it safely in the bottom tray. All you have to do is keep the tray in a dry place / away from the direct flow of water and empty the lower tray from time to time.

Generous size for a large bar of soap or two smaller soaps.

  • Outside: 13.5 x 10.5cm
  • Inside: is 12 x 9cm 

Stainless steel grade 304.