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Zero waste stainless steel soap shaker containing a bar of dish soap, the best way to wash dishes!

Soap Shaker

Bento Ninja

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Before there was liquid soap, there was the soap shaker!

Used to create sudsy / soapy water with a bar of soap when washing dishes or running a bath. This soap cage is literally just that, a cage for soap with a long handle.

To use, simply pop a bar of soap into the cage, close it up and using the long handle, run the caged soap through a sink, bucket or bath of water until the desired soapiness is achieved, you can then wash your dishes, clothes or soak in the bubble bath to your hearts content. For best results use with warm water or hold the soap shaker under the warm running water as you fill your sink or bath.

When not in use, you can hang the soap shaker up, this will allow the soap to dry between uses and help your soap to last longer. No more slippery soap dishes or holders or discovering your soap melting away in the bottom of the sink or bath.

There are many names for this zero-waste soap shaker, some call it a soap swish, soap saver, soap cage or suds maker. Whatever you call it, you can now skip the single-use plastic soap bottle in the supermarket and pick up a bar of soap instead. Zero waste. Zero fuss.


25 x 10.5 cm. Inner cage measures 9.5 x 6 x 3 cm.


Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, grade 304.