Photograph of a selection of shea butter soap wrapped in decorative material

Shea Butter Soap


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A delicately scented Lavender & Honey plant based soap that gently nourishes and cleanses.

Suitable for all ages and skin types and best of all - completely palm oil free.

Best stored on a free draining soap dish. To further prolong the life of your bar - use with a wash cloth or sponge instead of your hands and store away from water / allow to dry between uses.

A simple but luxurious combination of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, rainwater, saponified lye, manuka honey and natural Lavender essential oil.

The generous 125g bars are wrapped in paper and an ever changing selection of gorgeous eclectic fabrics with a cardboard sleeve and finished with an Anoint wax seal. After unwrapping the soap, the lavender and honey scented floral fabric can be repurposed into a beeswax wrap, lavender sachet, handkerchief, jam jar cover or tucked into a clothes drawer.