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Natural shaving brush made from beech wood and horse hair.
Natural shaving brush made from beech wood and horse hair with a wooden brush stand.

Shaving Brush


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Enjoy an exclusive and different shave with a brush made from beech wood and happy horse hair.

These shaving brushes, handcrafted with natural horsehair, help distribute the shaving cream uniformly, which in turn allows less use of shaving cream. Being natural hair brushes, the bristles are able to reach under the hair and prepare it for a closer shave as the skin is exfoliated and softened.

Another added benefit of Vielong shaving brushes is that, during their use, the hairs are raised so you obtain a better angle for shaving. This results in a quicker but longer lasting shave than other methods.

With over 75 years of experience Vielong has grown to become recognised as the #1 manufacturer of horsehair brushes worldwide. Not only that but they are the only manufacturer in the world to produce natural horsehair shaving brushes under the “cruelty free” label. Yep, that's right, these are happy horses still out in the paddock and the hair is only collected when they are being groomed.

We have chosen the Nördik collection of shaving brushes for our range, Inspired by the northern seas, a collection of pure and refined lines is created in total harmony with nature. Made with natural horse hair because the tension, absorption of water and softness, help emulsify the shaving cream allowing less use of product.

Vielong are a responsible and sustainable company who craft their products from natural elements that do not harm the environment and at the same time respect the animal world.

These brushes are suitable for shaving legs, faces, armpits, heads, basically any part of any body!

Brush: Horse hair.
Handle: Beech wood.

Each brush and brush & stand combination comes in a gift box and also includes a small plastic freestanding brush stand which can be fixed to a wall to store your brush. Leave a note at checkout if you would prefer to receive your brush package free or without the plastic stand.