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The best natural and organic loofah sponge
The best natural sponge for using in the bath or shower
Compostable shower or bath sponge

Loofah Sponge - Natural


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A completely natural luffa sponge that is great for your skin and the planet!

Say goodbye to plastic shower scrubbies, synthetic face cloths and micro fibre plastics with a 100% natural, vegan and organic shower sponge / exfoliator.

Made from long lasting luffa's these sponges can be used in the bath or shower and are fantastic for sudsing up and exfoliating at the same time, a real treat for your skin.

Benefits of using Luffa's:

  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Prevent cellulite
  • Reduce blackheads
  • Prevent epidermoid cysts
  • Natural exfoliant, and can be used both wet or dry.
  • Removes dead skin
  • Compostable sponge

Available in 2 sponge sizes:

  • Medium: 12-13cm (package free)
  • Large: 6.5 x 15cm (comes in reusable / recyclable / compostable cardboard box)

Wet the sponge in the bath or shower, then rub on your skin in a circular motion. Can be used wet (with or without soap) or dry as a skin brush / exfoliant.

Rinse with fresh water after use, shake off excess water and hang to dry.