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Organic Baby Bath Luffa Sponge
Baby Bath Sponges in Compostable Packaging
The "Toni" Baby Bath Sponge Box
The "Hayley" Baby Bath Sponge Box

Loofah Sponge - Baby Bath


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Bath time will be a real treat for baby with this natural, organic and super soft baby sponge.

This bath sponge is the perfect size for baby, it has been grown organically and treated in natural thermal springs. Baby will love to play with it and it is a lovely soft sponge for baby's skin.

The unique packaging is collectable and can be coloured in by older kids or even Mom or Dad!

The sponge is vegan and will last a very long time. Once it eventually wears out it can be composted or used to help drainage in the bottom of a potted plant.

Soak the sponge in the bath, then rub on baby's skin in a circular motion. It can also be used instead of baby wipes to spot wash parts of baby's body or during nappy changes. Use with or without soap.

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use, shake off excess water and hang to dry.

Depending on the size and shape of your sponge (and the size of your baby!) you might be able to make two sponges by cutting your sponge in half with a scissors. You can use one as a nappy change sponge (eliminating disposable wet wipes) and the other for baby bath time. We do suggest taking steps to ensure these two sponges are never confused, especially if baby is likely to put the sponge in their mouth.

The Luffa Art House Project:
This sponge comes in a unique box that has been decorated by local New Zealand artists and is ready for your little one to colour in and play with. You may find that you might just want to colour it in yourself! These boxes are fun, will be very stylish with some imaginative colouring-in and can be used as a childs toy or as a collectors item.

Two different artist designs are available:
    The Hayley Box - illustrated by Hayley Pearce from The Art Room.
    The Toni Box - illustrated by Toni Ferrer.