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Close-up of a New Zealand grown Loofah Soap Saver Bag with jute rope.

Loofah Soap Saver Bag

The Loofah Patch

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This exfoliating soap saver bag is perfect for soap scraps and ends.

The weave of these loofah fibres are looser than most which means that the soap lather comes through nicely. Although the fibres are loose they are very strong, your loofah soap saver will last for months if you let it drain and allow to air dry between uses (hanging behind the shower head is great place to store it).

Made from New Zealand grown loofah, double stitched with natural cotton and with a natural fibre rope, this loofah soap saver is home compostable and causes no harm to the planet.

Each loofah comes with a coloured rope, there are 3 to choose from: 

  • Pink
  • White
  • Natural Jute (not as soft as the cotton)

10cm x 7.5cm