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"Cheers to the makers" design printed on the side of this jute bag in blue ink with red flowers. The woven jute bag is compostable, reusable and comes with long handles to allow it to be worn on your shoulder.
Eco friendly woven jute bag with beautiful Indian style elephant design and beautiful corner designs. This bag has long handles so that it can be worn over the shoulder.
Biodegradable jute reusable shopping bag, this woven jute bag with handles is plain.
"Cheers to the makers" jute bag in action, seen here being loaded with produce bags in a health food shop with baskets of fruit in the foreground and bulk bags of rice and grains in the background, a lady with a mustard cardigan, white top and blue jeans is holding the bag aloft and loading it with reusable produce bags.

Shopping Bags - Jute

Trade Aid

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