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Firewood carrier, made in Christchurch, New Zealand from recycled materials.

Firewood Carrier


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Tired of destroying your clothes when you carry in the firewood?

We've got just the thing ...

Handmade in Prebbleton by the lovely Shelley at RecycleRecreate these carriers are made to last from 100% upcycled materials.

The handles are made from old seatbelts (stitched right the way around the carrier for extra strength) and the fabric is a heavy duty outdoor blind/windbreaker material (designed to withstand the elements) these beauties are going to last for 100's if not 1,000's of trips to the woodpile.

To use simply lay it flat next to your woodpile and load it up, then gather the handles together to carry it back inside, you'll now find yourself with a free hand to open the door or to hug that cup of cocoa extra close or even add an extra carrier to load up on twice the amount of firewood!

Less trips to the woodpile, less mess and a whole heap of materials rescued from landfill.

These beauties have so many uses, limited only by your imagination. We've had people load them with hay to feed horses and all sorts.