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Organic Fire Starters
Box of Organic Fire Starters

Fire Starters


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All natural environmentally friendly fire starters, made by Nil.

This is a fire starter that burns for 15 minutes or more and is environmentally safe. No harmful chemicals or vapours to see here. Carry them anywhere you go as they are light as a feather. Great for home fireplaces, camping trips or for your emergency kit.  Makes starting a fire easy!

These fire starters are a byproduct of making reusable food wraps. When the wraps are trimmed and cut to size, the textile remnants are turned into fire starters. As they only contain unbleached cotton, organic wax and a few secret ingredients from the beeswax food wraps, the leftover ash is not only non toxic,  it is also a natural fertiliser for your garden.

When you buy a NIL it comes with a story. You invest in a life of change. All of the NIL products are made by mothers who are often on a benefit and may struggle to find work.

We invite you to not just buy something good, but to do something good. Consumerism is faceless.  But a NIL product is real, personal investment in transforming lives. Read more about the nil brand and their home workforce here. 

24 fire starters in a pack.
Each fire starter measures 3.5cm x 3.5cm. 
Packaged in an eco friendly cardboard box measuring 22cm x 7cm x 8cm.

Ethically made in New Zealand