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Black and white circular plastic earrings made from 3D printer waste.
Bright green Monstera earrings made from 3D printer waste.
Straight and narrow black and white plastic earrings made from 3D printer waste.
Straight and narrow multicoloured plastic earrings made from 3D printer waste.
Earrings - Made From 3D Printer Waste

Earrings - Made From 3D Printer Waste

Remix Plastic

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Stylish earrings that help to divert hard-to-recycle plastic from landfill.

Show off your love of house plants with a pair of Monstera earrings or a pair of beautifully mottled recycled plastic circles or rectangles are a great slow fashion statement piece. Add a splash of colour to your life with these bright 3D printer waste tones!

Made from recycled PLA (3D printer waste) with hypoallergenic hooks which are silver in colour. 

The black and white combo earrings are made from Huia Feather (aka the "Jacinda" earring) waste. 

Conic: Circle is 2 cm in diameter.
Monstera: 2cm wide x 2.5 cm high.
Straight & Narrow: Rectangle is 4cm in length.

Each one is unique with its own colours (and blemishes) - they are fully functioning and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do! 

Remix Plastic's recycled plastic products are a vehicle to empower people to make sustainable changes, whether big or small. With local waste they create products that have a sustainable story - this not only diverts waste from landfill but also provides a way to engage people in a conversation around reducing single use plastic.

The waste plastic (raw material) comes from the 3D printer at the Production Studio of Christchurch’s central library, Tūranga, and now from other makerspaces around Aotearoa. The plastic is shred into small pieces, and then melted into sheets* using a press. The earrings are then laser cut from these plastic sheets. They are assembled by hand here in Ōtautahi Christchurch. 

* Please note that melting plastic can release hazardous fumes and should not be carried out at home without adequate Health and Safety equipment.

Remix Plastic has chosen the tragedy of the extinction of the Huia* to tell of the unintended consequences that can arise when sustainable practices aren’t integrated into our desire for new things. * Before producing the Huia Feather Earrings, they sought advice from a cultural advisor.

Made in Ōtautahi Christchurch, NZ by Remix Plastic.