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Pre-order the final issue of Dumbo Feather, exploring Leadership for a Hopeful Future. Handwritten note from the publisher reads "With all my love and deep gratitude, pass it on. Berry xx"
Dumbo feather magazine, a letter from the publisher on the final issue. Handwritten on a white a4 page with the Dumbo Feather letter head on a wooden background.
Dumbo Feather Magazine Issue 71. Beyond ego. Conversations with extraordinary people. The front cover of this issue features a lady with a great big smile and grey hair in a royal blue top and matching baby blue necklace with a background full of ivy leaves.
Dumbo Feather Magazine Issue 70. A meaningful life. Conversations with extraordinary people. The front cover of this issue features a lady wearing glasses sitting in a boat on a lake with a dog by her side.
Dumbo Feather Magazine Issue 69. Systems Change. Conversations with extraordinary people. Man with a greying beard pictured on a dark blue background. Magazine text is bright yellow.
Dumbo Feather Magazine Issue 72. Leadership for a hopeful future. Conversations with extraordinary people. Woman looking happy sitting in a background of lush dark green foliage which fills the magazine cover.

Dumbo Feather Magazine - Final Issue

Small Giants Academy

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Conversations with extraordinary people.

The final issue (#72) of Dumbo Feather, exploring Leadership for a Hopeful Future. is now in stock.

A letter from the publisher on the final issue:

Hi Friends,

Whoa. This letter has been hard to write. It’s written in blood, sweat and tears. I really want to write it and I really don’t want to.

Every good thing has seasons. The season for Dumbo Feather has come to an end and I want to honour it with you all. I want to honour all the beauty and joy, all the love and thoughtfulness, the passion and care of its pages. I want to honour the most incredible team who have put it together every quarter, for twelve years — with SO MUCH LOVE. I know we have to find solutions for all the big, gnarly shit going on, and in our own way, Dumbo Feather has been solving for one of them — to tell meaningful stories to heal our world, to help us find ourselves in community and purpose rather than conflict and confusion.

It’s also helped heal all of us as we go about our work, by making something beautiful. The smell, the touch, the weight of it. Like a precious talisman, it didn’t even matter if you read it all, the very ‘isness’ of it made us feel grounded and hopeful. For every person whose story graced our pages, my heart is full of gratitude at the privilege of you saying yes and sharing what you know with us all.

At Small Giants, Dumbo Feather has been the beating heart of what we do. It’s kept us connected to the world of ideas that were changing the world, allowed us to make the most beloved friends, shown us what was possible and kept us honest. It’s been a guiding star, to help orient us toward that which is whole, not endlessly towards that which is broken.

Letting go is hard. I know that my ‘why’ is constantly calibrating to the outside world — to the conditions I see around us. While I work on calibrating more to an inner voice, that looks backwards from a hopeful future for humanity, I am sure that this moment calls for us to be together, to work together, to find ways to collaborate instead of compete, to belong to one another instead of win over.

The upcoming Issue #72‘Leadership for a Hopeful Future’ out in March will be our last official magazine under the Dumbo Feather masthead. Now is the moment that it evolves from a printed artefact to a living community of engaged citizens who will continue to create the hopeful future that we all aspire to through the work of Small Giants Academy.

I’m still thinking about what the Dumbo Feather podcast should become. I know that I want to continue having epic conversations with people working on interventions in the system. Stay tuned by signing up for the Small Giants Academy newsletter, looking for the refresh of our podcast tile and following me on Instagram @BerryFeather.

See you out there where wisdom and action meet.

Handwritten note that reads: "With all my love and deep gratitude, Pass it on, Berry xx"

Previous Issues:

Issue #71: Beyond Ego
What does it mean to truly reach beyond our individual lives to deeply consider the wellbeing of the collective, the planet and all living things? This issue of Dumbo Feather explores the theme of Beyond Ego.

In this issue we share conversations with Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein, inventor and climate activist Saul Griffith, Cookbook publishing phenomenon Hetty McKinnon and martial artist Nadine Champion.

You will meet Rusty Moran, the former professional big wave surfer who has found his life’s purpose teaching surfing to returned ADF personnel living with PTSD. The hosts of Good Mourning podcast share their story of finding friendship through the loss of a parent and Georgina Reid explores ideas around nature-connectedness facilitated by psychedelics.

Essays from Pierz Newton-John, Nathan Scolaro and Caitlin Stanway reveal personal experiences of moving beyond the ego, and we complete the issue with an activity designed to encourage readers to engage in random acts of kindness.

To consciously step outside of ourselves can be more fulfilling than any other action and issue #71 of Dumbo Feather celebrates this concept with lived examples from different walks of life. We hope that you enjoy the journey.

Issue #69: Systems Change
A look at the theories, models and innovative solutions that will help us repair the planet within the next decade. We share conversations with global leaders and everyday heroes, discussing big topics from breakthroughs in science to regeneration and inspirational neighbourhoods taking action.

The five extraordinary profiles in issue #69 are:
  • Social philosopher, Daniel Schmachtenberger
  • Regenerative farmer, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
  • Systems thinker and multisolver, Elizabeth Sawin
  • Rocker activist, Peter Garrett
  • Inventor and recycling crusader, Veena Sahajwalla

What is Dumbo Feather?

Taking the time to read Dumbo Feather is receiving the gift of time, nourishment and self-care.

The experience of holding and opening the magazine, lovingly printed on Grange paper and produced with sustainable principles, is an integral part of who Dumbo Feather are and why they produce this beautiful artefact.

Dumbo Feather is a multi-platform publishing house including print, podcast and digital content. In three print issues annually, and reflected in podcasts and their online identity, they scour the world to engage in rich conversations with extraordinary people. In this ecosystem, contributors and interview subjects share their lives, their work, and their vision for the world.

Storytelling opens hearts and minds. Through sharing our stories, we enrich our lives and those around us. This will always be current, vital and potent.

Pass it on.