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Go Bamboo natural fibre dish and scrubbing brush made from coconut fibre.
Natural coconut fibre dish brush.

Dish Scrubbing Brush (hand held)

Go Bamboo

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Say goodbye to plastic dish brushes that shed micro-plastics with this handy dish scrubber made from coconut fibre and steel.

Great for cleaning most pots, pans and dishes, it may be too harsh for fine china and teflon / non-stick coated pans so take care when cleaning these for the first time.

Coconut fibre (coir) comes from the husk of coconuts, it is sustainable and biodegradable, a completely natural product.

Synthetic fibres shed from traditional plastic dish cloths and brushes and wash down the drain and into our oceans. Over time these fibres degrade into small particles and eventually micro-plastics which attract chemical toxins and are regularly ingested by marine life. This Go Bamboo dish brush / scrubber has 100% natural bristles and will not contribute to the plastic pollution problem.

Rinse well and when not in use, hang scrubber by the attached rope to air dry.

Use a pliers to untwist the steel tie, the bristles can then be composted and the steel can be recycled.

Other than a small rope to hang up the dish brush and a small cardboard information tag, this dish scrubber is completely package free.