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Plant based compostable dental floss in a glass jar with bamboo toothbrushes in the foreground.
Compostable dental floss in a plastic-free glass jar and cardboard packaging surrounded by flowers and lemons.
Compostable dental floss refill in cardboard packaging surrounded by flowers and lemons.

Dental Floss - Compostable

The Eco Brush

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Finally, compostable dental floss!

  • Recyclable Glass Jar
  • Mint Flavoured
  • 100% Compostable

This dental floss is made from PLA, a compostable plant based plastic.

Available as both a regular floss (in a glass jar) and a refill pack (2 regular floss packaged in a cardboard box).


30m of floss.


Small reusable / refillable glass jar with metal floss cutting top, packaged in a small cardboard box.

Customer Reviews

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Alexandra McDonough-Killick
Really keen on 100% compostable

We really like that the floss is 100% compostable. The glass container works well. We tried the charcoal floss previously and it was stronger. This floss requires care as otherwise it breaks quite easily. I go through two pieces each time I floss. I have a piece of floss stuck between two teeth and will soon need to buy old plastic floss to try and get it out and keep for close together teeth. Will use up both refills and return to charcoal version.