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Zero waste solid hair conditioner bar.

Conditioner Bar

Aoraki Naturals

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These zero waste solid conditioner bars will leave your hair looking and feeling soft, silky and shiny.

Made with plant-derived ingredients which have been chosen for their conditioning and nourishing properties. Orange and may chang essential oils give these bars a delicious sweet citrus scent. Suitable for all hair types.

Solid conditioner bars are concentrated and extremely long-lasting. They may look small, but one bar should last many months, even with frequent use. (See care notes below to keep your bars at its best).

How to use:
Simply swipe the bar a few times over your freshly-washed wet hair, concentrating on the ends. Leave on for a minute or two and the rinse thoroughly.

Although not 100% natural like Aoraki Naturals other solid bars, they have chosen mild, quality ingredients and have tried to keep things as natural as possible.

Ingredients:  Cetearyl Alcohol & Behentrimonium Methosulfate (vegetable oil derived conditioning agents), cocoa butter, argan oil, coconut oil, hydrolised wheat protein,  glycerin,  provitamin B5, Liquid Germall Plus (preservative), sweet orange & may chang essential oils (vegan).

Weight: 50-60g.


Less is more, depending on your hair type you may need very little, or you might only need a small amount on the ends. Start off with one or two swipes and see how you go from there. Best when applied from root to tip on soaking wet hair.

Start by applying a small amount, then stop and use your fingers to comb it though your hair and then reassess whether to apply more.

If you have any queries please get in touch, we have been using solid shampoo and conditioner bars for years and would love to help you get the best out of your bar.

Your bar will last longer the better you care for it. Consider cutting the bar in half and only using a portion in the shower at a time. Ensure that the bar sits in a free-draining soap dish so that it doesn't melt in a pool of water and allow it to air-dry between uses. (Check out our range of soap dishes for some great bar-saving solutions!)

Proudly made in Timaru, New Zealand.