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Organic reusable bread bag in pohutukawa design.
Organic reusable bread bag in yellow flower design.
Organic reusable bread bag in yello flower design on benchtop with bread and food.
Organic reusable bread bag in pohutukawa design with French bread and tomatoes.
Organic reusable bread bag in yellow flower design.

Bread Bag


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Buy and store your bread entirely plastic free with these practical and stylish bread bags.

These reusable bread bags are made from organic cotton and have been designed to replace single use paper or plastic bread bags, plastic toggles and ties. All of which add to our worldwide plastic pollution problem and some of which are too small to be recycled.

The perfect storage solution for the home baker. Simply bake, allow your loaf to cool, slice and freeze in your reusable bread bag!

Size: Available in two sizes - one for the long french stick and the other for a standard loaf.

  • Standard: 29 x 40 cm
  • Long: 16 x 70 cm

They are made from organic cotton and are available in a range of nil's unique fabric designs. The draw-string closure means that you can pull the bag shut to protect your bread when you buy it and to keep it fresh in the pantry.

The best part about these bags is that they are actually made right here in New Zealand through nil's Outwork model. Read more about the nil brand and their home workforce here.

Hot Tip:  Most fresh bread purchased at a bakery or made at home is preservative free meaning that your loaf will likely only last 2-3 days stored on your bench top before going stale. To preserve your bread for longer it is best to freeze your bread when it is cool but fresh.

Ideally, fresh bread should never be stored in the fridge as this more moist environment can encourage bacteria to form along the surface of the bread forming mold.

Here at Earthlove we like to store our bread in one of these reusable bags in the pantry if we think we'll finish it in a few days or in the freezer if we'd like it to last longer. Try out both methods to find which option suits you best and reduces bread waste.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Cronin
Great Product

We are enjoying our new bread bag and are thrilled at the way the bag keeps the bread so fresh and the top nice and crusty, top quality material and excellent service and delivery from earthlove

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, Peter! We're delighted to hear that your new bread bag is doing a great job, there really is nothing better than the taste of a fresh loaf! Enjoy!