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Beeswax cheese bag with cheese block pattern on a wooden chopping board with grapes. sliced apple and a cheese knife.
Beeswax food wrap pack of 3 in Kiwiana fabric
Beeswax food wrap pack of 3 in organic spring-time fabric.
Beeswax cheese bag for keeping your 1kg block of cheese fresh.
Beeswax sandwich bag for keeping your snacks fresh and contained.
Beeswax sandwich bag with kiwi bird pattern for keeping your snacks fresh and contained.
Beeswax sandwich bag for keeping your snacks fresh and contained in a Kiwi fruit pattern.

Beeswax Food Wraps & Bags

The Baughman's Bees

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Quit single-use-plastic food wrap for good with these stylish and easy to use beeswax food wraps and bags.

Cheese Bag:
The perfect bag to fit a 1kg block of cheese with room to fold the end of the bag and seal. An excellent gift for cheese lovers. Cheese will last longer if you keep it in the packaging that it comes with and pop the whole lot into a Cheese Bag. This will save the cheese from being handled too much and will keep the inside of the cheese bag nice and clean.
Size: 27 x 20 cm.

Sandwich Bag:
An excellent alternative to plastic food wrap to keep your sandwich fresh or as a snack bag for nuts, popcorn, baking and other goodies. Simply pop your food in the bag, fold over the flap to close and off you go. Easy to clean just like regular wraps.
Size: 20 x 18 cm.

Food Wrap:
Shapes easily around items using the warmth of your hands. Great for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc. Available in either organic or non-organic fabric. Multi-Packs contain 3 beeswax food wraps, one of each size: small (20 x 20 cm), medium (26 x 26 cm) and large (34 x 34 cm).

As these wraps are handmade in small batches the fabric designs change regularly. We have a wide variety of different colours and themes, please get in touch if you would like something in particular, and we can send you photos of our current range, otherwise the fabric chosen will be a surprise. Note that the cheese bag fabric is always the same: cheesy!

Wipe down or handwash in cold water using a mild soap if required. Allow to air dry and ensure that wraps are completely dry before putting them away.

When your wraps and bags arrive they may be slightly stiff and the first time you use them they might not work as well as you might expect. Please note that this is entirely natural, as the more you use your wraps, the better they work. The heat from your hands will soften the wax and over time the wraps will become even more clingy than single-use-plastic food wrap. To get the best from your wraps, use the heat from your hands to warm up the wax and mould the wrap around the food / plate or whatever it is you are covering.

Food grade beeswax, food grade pine rosin, 100% high grade cotton fabric, and almond oil.

  • Wipe them down or rinse with cold soapy water and leave out to dry, do not scrub.
  • Not to be used for raw meat or raw fish.
  • Wait until food has cooled down before covering or wrapping with beeswax wraps.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not use in hot water, the oven, microwave or dishwasher, as the heat will destroy your wraps (and possibly your dinner!).

Handmade by The Baughman's Bees in Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand.

Customer Reviews

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Cheese Bag

I received a cheese bag as a gift and it is the most amazing bag to keep your cheese fresh. I have since purchased more cheese bags, as people have stayed and seen the cheese bag in use, they too wanted a cheese bag of their own to use. I would highly recommend them

Thank you for taking the time to review your Cheese Bag Kim! They are made here in Christchurch and are very popular with cheese lovers. And thank you for spreading the word on sustainable alternatives - the world needs more people like you!