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Avocado or Kiwi Fruit Spoon

Avocado or Kiwi Fruit Spoon

Bento Ninja

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The best tool for slicing through an avocado or scooping out a kiwi fruit.

Spoon + Knife = Spife?

Whatever you call it, this multi-use utensil is great in the kitchen or on the go, once you've tried it you will want to take it with you everywhere! One part knife, one part spoon, one part scraper and one part smooth blade for slicing through soft flesh, the perfect tool to slice and dice your precious avocados.

But it doesn't stop there, use it for slicing open and scooping out kiwi fruit and feijoa's or slicing through hard to peel oranges.

Take it with you on picnics, pop it in your lunchbox or keep one with your camping kit, you will want to have one of these handy spoons stashed everywhere!

Say goodbye to plastic kiwi fruit spoons and hello to a stylish, easy to use spoon that will last a lifetime.

Packaged in home compostable natural cellulose. Let us know at checkout if you would like us to hold the cellulose, we are always happy to wrap it in paper for you or send it entirely package free.