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A Wonderful Foraging Story Book by Joanna Wildish

A Wanderful Foraging Story

Joanna Wildish

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A fun rhyming foraging food story of when and what is growing through the seasons!

In Ōtautahi Christchurch we have a very unique and special place like nowhere else in the world. After the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes left many people without homes, large areas of land were cleared and opened up for shared use. Due to pressure from people and communities most of the trees were left on this land, now known as The Redzone or The Regeration Zone.

This became a very popular place for foraging from fruit trees and gathering flowers, herbs and native rongoā medicines. Community places and many other shared and common ground spaces continue to develop and flourish, nurturing and caring for this special place.

The end of this book turns into a workbook with activities and space for drawing.

When foraging for kai food in Aotearoa the tikanga custom is to ask permission with karakia prayer before and to give thanks with karakia after harvesting. In the front of this book is a karakia that has been gifted to share with you for this purpose. Before foraging, say the karakia and wait for a sign to continue (signs are often a bee or bird welcoming you).

ISBN: 978-0-473-52827-0