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An eco scrubbing brush with it's product tag leaning against it in the sun with the shadow of a plant in the background.
A natural scrubbing brush laying on it's side to expose the bristles and a portion of another brush standing nearby, both are completely natural and compostable.

Scrubbing Brush

The Eco Brush

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A mighty scrubbing brush that is completely compostable!

These scrubbing brushes are made from sustainable bamboo and sisal (plant-based bristles) and are a great alternative to all the plastic scrubbing brushes out there. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Once the bristles have worn out, simply pop it into your home or local compost. A true zero waste option!

Suitable for scrubbing pots and pans, veggies, tiles, shower doors and more!

Pro tip: if you've got a couple of scrubbing brushes, mark the handles with a dab of different coloured paint (or nail polish!) so that you can easily tell the kitchen scrubber from the bathroom scrubber at a glance. Then simply sand off before composting. 

The handle is bamboo and the bristles are made from plant fibre.

Allow to air dry between uses for best results.