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Mia Belle Adore thick / dry hair conditioner bar. Packaging pictured is a nice cool pink with a navy stripe across the top. The packaging reads: Salon quality, colour safe, pH balanced. Nourish and shine.

Conditioner Bar - Thick / Dry Hair

Mia Belle

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A salon quality conditioner bar for thick and thirsty hair.

This conditioner bar has been specifically formulated for those with thick, thirsty hair with thick strands, thick hair with coarse strands, or fine hair with plentiful strands.

Scent profile - Bergamot, Petitgrain, Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood, Musk and Eucalyptus.

Not only does this conditioner bar smell divine, it also lasts up to 3 times longer than a traditional conditioner bottle. That's between 80 and 100 washes provided that you take good care of your bar. What’s not to love?

The ends of thick and curly hair are generally frizz-prone as a result of natural oils in the scalp being unable to reach the ends of the hair. The organic oils and ratios of cleansing and conditioning ingredients in this clever conditioning bar have been specifically formulated for this type of hair. Rich proteins that benefit hair health are the added active ingredients. This bar will thoroughly nourish your hair and add a fabulous shine.

  • Salon Quality
  • Colour Safe
  • PH Balanced

This gorgeous bar won't dry your hair out, it'll start your journey to healthy, hydrated hair. You'll not only look good, but you'll feel good too, knowing that you are not only looking after your hair but caring for our environment by not using plastic too.


70 g


Apply the bar to soaking wet hair, start in the middle and glide down to the ends. A little goes a long way so experiment with how much conditioner your particular hair type needs. Pop your conditioner bar out of way while you gently massage your scalp and hair - you've earned a nice massage and a little relaxation time! Rinse thoroughly.

Generally, this hair type can often go longer between washes due to having more hair for the sebum from the scalp to distribute into. If you have medium curly hair, these bars may also work for you as the formulation of ingredients will hydrate your hair, help weigh down and add definition to your curls.

If you have specific sensitive scalp issues like dandruff or an oily prone scalp, you may benefit from trying Mia Belle's hair care bars specifically for Flaky / Sensitive Scalp and Oily prone scalp / hair.

Care and Storage:

To get the most out of your bar, keep it as dry as possible between uses. If you only wash your hair a couple times a week it might be worth storing your bar outside the shower so that it can dry properly and will not sweat / deteriorate in the hot, damp shower environment. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place under 30°C. Choose a bar storage solution that allows for good air flow. We recommend using a Block Dock - Vertical Soap Dish. Taking good care of your bar will result in it lasting up to 100 washes.

Mindfully formulated in Aotearoa New Zealand from naturally derived and organic ingredients. Mia Belle is family owned operated.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Cruelty Free | Plant Based | Low Waste | No Sulphates

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