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Rectangular stainless steel sock / laundry hanger.
Hook and latch system to secure stainless steel sock / laundry hanger.
Close up of pegs on stainless steel sock / laundry hanger.
Round stainless steel sock / laundry hanger.
Heavy Duty stainless steel sock / laundry hanger with 36 pegs.
Heavy Duty foldable stainless steel sock / laundry hanger with 42 pegs.
Heavy Duty stainless steel sock / laundry hanger in folded position.

Sock / Laundry Hanger

Bento Ninja

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The perfect clothes peg solution for winter washing, and lots of small items.

These sock / laundry hangers will save you time and money and are ideal for drying socks, underwear, hankies, baby clothes, bra's and other small items.

If it suddenly starts to rain you only need to unhook the hanger and bring it inside which saves your clothes from getting wet and saves you from standing in the rain while you unpeg between 30 and 42 items! You can also easily rehook indoors to continue drying.

Unlike their plastic counterparts these stainless steel sock hangers will not crack, snap or break and will stand the test of time. You will not need to replace one of these beauties every other year!

Running out of space on your clothes horse? Hook one of these on the side and you suddenly have lots of extra space for all the socks. Have a shedload of socks to wash? Match the pairs and hang both socks from one peg - when they are dry you simply tuck one inside the other and they are ready to be put away.

  • Made from sturdy 4mm stainless steel.
  • Can be used both indoors or outdoors.
  • Windproof lock on hook to avoid it becoming unhooked in high winds.

Size & Shape:

Regular: These sock hangers are designed to be kept indoors when not in use. Best to avoid getting wet or leaving in high humidity. 
  • Circle - 30 pegs - 40cm diameter (SS 201)
  • Rectangle - 36 pegs - 40 x 30 cm (SS 201)
Heavy Duty / Foldable: Larger, foldable for easy storage and made with a higher grade of stainless steel which means that they should not rust, even if left outside. The pegs are also heavy duty, they are the same as our Tough Pegs and are great for hanging thicker, heavier items.
  • Rectangle - 36 pegs - 62 x 35 cm - pegs: 60mm x 2mm (SS 304)
  • Rectangle - 42 pegs - 62 x 35 cm - pegs: 60mm x 2mm (SS 304)

Maximum Weight:
All sock hangers have a maximum weight limit of 2kg.

Wipe down regularly. Regular sock hangers should not be left outside overnight or when it's raining. If you live near the sea or in a high sulphur region, to avoid rust, do not leave your sock hanger outside, regardless of type.

Earthlove is not responsible for damage caused by impact, general use / wear and tear or rust if left outside.

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