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Best Sellers - April

1 - Straws (Stainless Steel)

Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw.Moving up from number 2 to top spot this month is Caliwood’s stylish stainless steel straws which are available in various sizes and colours and are a zero waste must-have in the battle to wipe out single-use plastics.

These straws will last you a lifetime. They are durable, long lasting and rust-proof. Easily cleaned with a natural fibre cleaning brush or just give them a rinse after using and pop in the dishwasher. So elegant in comparison to plastic, they look and taste better than their polluting predecessors.

These turtle friendly stainless steel straws are available in 7 different options: cocktail, smoothie, bubble tea, bent, tall and a mixed pack and can be purchased individually in 'to-go' packs that include a carry case and cleaning brush or in packs of 4.


2 - Shampoo Bar

Solid shampoo bar in travel tin.Reduce the number of plastic shampoo bottles you use each year by using a natural, solid, sweet smelling and completely plastic free alternative.

As these bars are solid and come in a tin, they are FABULOUS for when you travel!  You can store the bar in the tin, however it is best to allow the bar to dry out before packing it away.

Each bar contains approximately 60g of handmade, hot processed solid shampoo, no nasty additives or preservatives and definitely no plastic!

Available in 5 delicious scents - Clay and Orchids, Orange and Mango, Hemp and Rose, Banana and Raspberry and Sweet Whiskey.

Never used solid shampoo before? It’s easy to use, start off by soaking your hair with water and then glide the bar down your hair from root to tip a couple of times, this will allow enough shampoo to be deposited on your hair to allow you to massage it into a lather. Give your scalp a soothing massage and then rinse well.


3 - Spruce Dish Cloths

Compostable Dish Cloths.A superstar environmentally friendly dishcloth doing good things for our planet and for your home.

Each Spruce cloth will last between 9 and 12 months, replaces 15 rolls of paper towels and countless plastic sponges and microfibre cloths, saving you time, money and reducing landfill waste. When these cloths have finally reached their end of life they can be reused to prevent leaks under plant pots or as a frost protector for small plants. When it’s time to say goodbye they can be composted in your home compost system.

Spruce Cloths soften in water, absorb up to 15 times their weight and dry quickly so they don’t breed bacteria or smell like some cloths can. To keep your cloth looking it’s best always rinse it well, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry. Pop in your washing machine or the top rack of your dishwasher to clean.

Use for washing dishes and general cleaning everywhere from your kitchen to bathroom and more! (We don't recommend using the same cloth for bathroom and kitchen cleaning, pro tip: choose a different design for each so you know which is which.)


4 - Natural Organic Deodorant


Compostable Natural Deodorant.The always popular Bee Fresh plastic free deodorant in compostable packaging, is the best natural roll-on deodorant and with leave you feeling confident all day long.

The deodorant glides on easily from the Kraft cardboard tube, simply push it up from the bottom until 2-3mm of deodorant is visible at the top of the tube and roll on like you would any other deodorant. When you're done, the cardboard tube will disappear in a matter of weeks in your home compost.

With a nice light citrus scent and 60g size, this unisex deodorant is perfect for popping into your bag, whether you're off on holiday or to the gym.


5 - Handcrafted Vegan Soap

Natural Vegan Soap, Handmade in NZ.The always popular Panna Soaps range has been in the top five for five months in a row now.

Panna Soaps offer an aromatherapy experience like no other. We have tried lots of soaps and found them either too drying, full of fillers and preservatives or ingredients that strip the natural oils from your skin and scalp.

These soaps are handmade by Anna here in Christchurch. Anna has put a lot of time and research into her soaps which have been thoughtfully crafted using ingredients that offer benefits for your skin, hair, mood and energy levels.

Green Clay has to be tried, the minty freshness provides a perfect wake-me-up shower on sleepy mornings.

Pro tip: Cut your bar in half (or even thirds) and keep the soap you're not using dry / out of the shower or bath, this will extend the life of your soap.

Say no to single use plastic bottles for good and choose the glorious scents and natural ingredients of Panna Soaps instead.


So there we have it, our top five best selling products for April.
What is your favourite sustainable product? Have you got a pro tip that you would love to share or is there something that you are currently using that you would like to change for a more sustainable alternative? We would love to hear your thoughts, questions and ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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